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Our Story

This is a small business and I personally make all products handmade.
I love self-care and feeling good all over. I am a breast cancer survivor and the pain of a double mastectomy plus reconstruction, as we know the healing process is an uncomfortable experience that one hates to endure. I don't do well with itchy skin and I needed something quick to help soothe the discomfort of the itch. One day I remembered my great grandmother and the time she took care of me when I had chickenpox. so I came up with a creation of oatmeal and raw honey soap and it worked as far as soothing the itching skin and also moisturized and exfoliated my skin as well. I noticed that it did not dry my skin and that my skin was refreshed and smooth to the touch, with a nice natural almond scent. So I let a few coworkers try some bars that I made and it was great feedback from everyone!!! Of course, made some adjustments and here I am, making soaps and candles and body kinds of butter also aromatherapy mixtures to elevate the mind-body and soul.
The safety and the well-being of my customers are the first priority.
Capricornbliss logo
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