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How can I start with this topic this evening…..hmmmmm, let’s start with what is going on in our World we call civilization. So I read an article the other day that stated that if someone of another sex want be identified as the opposite sex or even an animal, then we as humans have to identify them as just that. Correct me if I am wrong but this is simply foolery. I am a 45-year-old woman that respect and LOVE everything and everyone. Is that so bad? No, I must say. Anyone that reads this blog, I want to know how you feel and what are your thoughts about this generation of people on this planet. I mean from all governments and cultures. I also have concerns about our children of this society. How can we all come together and teach are children the true rights from wrong? How can we come together and grow our own vegetations and to raise cattle, chickens, hogs, etc., etc. I want to talk about the affect this has on our society as people of all nations. Something to think about. In my next post I will be going over the currency takeover of the USD. Until next time my loves.

Come join the conversation and let’s begin a beautiful conversation that will help to open your mind to life.

The mind can take us places that we never thought our minds would go. It is always a great gesture to daydream and to take away the stress our minds endure every day. Always take time for yourself to restart our mind. A simple walk or a nice workout that can relieve stress and to also get your mind body and soul in good health. Just a simple thought for the day.

Everyday Stress!!!!!

What is everyday stress, and does it look like?

Stress can come in all shapes, and forms and different levels of this silence killer. When we awaken from a night of rest, we as humans tend to start our day with a daily routine whether it’s to freshen up or to lay in the bed until ready to start the day. Each individual is different, and we live different lives as we see fit. I believe that we all should take a moment to self-reset our mind. Simple breathing skills, yes, I said a breathing skill. Through the nose and out the mouth…deep breaths. Sounds crazy right……it works. This simple technique can change your whole mood and also has been known to deescalate problems that can stress any individual. Here is another way, this one is my favorite thing to do is remove yourself from the stressful moment and take a walk. The best meditation technique EVER!!!! You can also talk to a complete stranger in general terms and get the relief of someone looking into the moment nonbiased. It’s funny how life will throw you lemons and we’re expected to make lemonade. What if I want tomatoe juice instead of lemonade? Why do I have to be happy all the time or to make someone else’s day happy when I am the one stress and having a bad day? We ALL feel this way at times. It is okay, we are human, and we are to make mistakes in life. So DON’T STRESS OVER SOMETHING THAT WILL HAPPEN IN LIFE AGAIN, but with a different intent or level of stress. So, to anyone who reads this Please respond and start a conversation of what stresses you or what makes you crazy or what makes you sad. I would love to help and listen to everyone’s thoughts.

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